December 16, 2017

Believe Dat!!

I know I am late in writing about the Saints victory but it has taken this long to sink in! The New Orleans Saints are world champions! They defeated the Indianapolis Colts 31-17 in Miami, FL. The media experts didn’t even give them a chance against a quarterback like Peyton Manning but they overlooked such an important fact. The Saints not only had a MVP caliber quarterback but also an entire team playing with passion and the redemption of entire city riding on their win. I know that might be slightly overstating it but in truth we have always been home of the ‘Aints. The city where even the football team was at one time a joke. But we made a statement on Feb. 7, 2010. Our city supported our Saints in force. The crowd was 10:1 in favor of the boys in black and gold. As the clocked ticked down to 0:00 the city erupted in celebration. There was no violence, no rioting, and no overturned cars. Not here! No, in N.O.L.A we know how to celebrate and the celebration continues. Following the joyous win the city hosted a Saints parade which was larger than any Mardi Gras parade on record. Then we followed it up with a black and gold Mardi Gras. For some it’s bittersweet. Most of us have family members of the Who Dat Nation who have gone to the Dome in the sky and didn’t get to be with us to witness such wonderful event. For myself, it is my grandfather and uncle who I would have loved to share this experience with. Some say there are finally enough Saints fans in heaven to bend God’s ear. I don’t know about that but I do think heaven had a second line that night. For now, our city enjoys that taste of victory and craves more. The funny thing is that all those jokes about what would happen if the Saints ever won the Superbowl are just kind of out dated. WHO DAT!!!! To my fellow Saints fans…be honest…did you cry??

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