February 21, 2018

Evacuation Tips for the Entire Family

I love summer but I dread hurricane season. I read an article that said 2014 may be a slow season for the Gulf Coast, but I clearly remember in years past that the years they predicted to be extremely active were very slow. Let’s be prepared no matter what they forecast!   . Get your […]

Happy Halloween| Safety Tips

Safe and Happy HalloweenI can’t wait to go Trick-or-Treating. I like costume-watching, getting to see my neighbors and friends, and see my son having a great time with his friends. (and telling him to slow down and don’t run through the grass after every house!) But the nurse in me does tend to come out for things like this and […]

Cardstore.com| Send a Card & Never Leave Home

Cardstore.comMy husband came home today and told me, “Thank you, I really needed that today.” My first thought was: Do I just say you’re welcome and possibly be taking credit for someone else’s good deed or do I inquire? Of course, I asked what he was talking about. Apparently, he had a really stressful, busy […]

My Daily Companion| Mom Agenda (Sale Ends 10/16)

Hi, my name is Tricia and I am addicted to my agenda. For me to stay sane and organized, I have to write everything down on paper. I have tried everything from high tech personal assistant devices (PDA’s). Remember those? They proceeded the smartphone era and it had a calendar, task list, and a note […]

Afternoon Tea at the Windsor Court & “Time-Out” Tea for Moms

Recently, I had the opportunity to enjoy the New Orleans tradition of afternoon tea at Le Salon, in the Windsor Court Hotel. It was a delightful experience and a wonderful way to celebrate any occasion or enjoy an afternoon with girlfriends. Even though my mom’s family lineage is majority English, including a King of England […]

Summer Safety: Keeping your Child Safe Online with Care4Teen

KeyboardI am not a parent of a teenager, yet! But I am the mom to an eight year old that enjoys kid friendly games on his computer. Majority of the time he is online, I am close enough to see exactly what he is doing at all times but there are some occasions that I […]

Summer Safety: Staying Safe in the Water

Last summer there was an article by Mario Vittone, a rescue swimmer for the United States Coast Guard that caught my eye titled “Drowning Doesn’t Look like Drowning.” Everything you learned from television about what drowning looks like is 100% wrong and learning to know the signs of someone in distress while in the water […]

Stay Safe in the Summer Heat

  Across the country it is HOT! Today in New Orleans, the heat index at Audubon Park is 104 degrees and some of the hottest days of summer are yet to come. Heat related illnesses are dangerous and can have life changing consequences. In America, more people die each year from extreme heat than hurricanes, […]

10 Tips to Make Life Easier

The toothbrush experts at Oral-B are teaming up with Operation Smileto make life easier for children born with cleft palates, cleft lips, and facial deformities. Since 1982, Operation Smile has improved the quality of life of over 150,000 children in over 60 countries. This holiday season, they are kicking off a program called “Glide into the Holidays” to encourage […]

Back to School Tips

Don’t tell my son this, but there is a part of me that kind of dreads school starting. The alarm clock buzzing at 5:30am, waiting at the bus stop, and the homework can some times be overwhelming. It takes some time for us to get everything organized and to settle into a rhythm. Once we […]