December 14, 2017

Evacuation Tips for the Entire Family

I love summer but I dread hurricane season. I read an article that said 2014 may be a slow season for the Gulf Coast, but I clearly remember in years past that the years they predicted to be extremely active were very slow. Let’s be prepared no matter what they forecast!   . Get your […]

You know you’re from New Orleans if… (Updated)

Sometimes you don’t realize how unique the city of New Orleans is until you meet a newcomer. Then you really appreciate the little things that make it special and unique.  Lets try to keep the traditions going for another generation. You cringe when you hear it pronounced New OrLEENS. It’s New OrLINS and we don’t […]

Hurricane Katrina 8/29/05

Five years ago today, the city of New Orleans was beaten and battered by Hurricane Katrina. Since then our city has been in the process of rebuilding. There are some bright spots to be noted. The charter school system is improving education standards in the city and ground is about to broken on a new […]

Wordless Wednesday 8/25/10

This is an early morning sunrise over the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. This week has been a week of reflection for our city. We are remembering the devastation of Hurricane Katrina that happened five years ago this week. In this picture you see a city awakening to new day. What you don’t see is […]

New Orleans & The Saints, Why the hype?

These are “strange and beautiful days” in New Orleans. It is hard to describe the recent events that have impacted this great city. From the lowest of lows and the highest of highs this city has endured. The five year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina is fast approaching and for many the memories of August 29, […]