February 21, 2018

Wordless Wednesday 2/8/12 {Shoebox Float}

Shoebox Float

I was excited when my son came home from school saying he had to build a Shoebox Mardi Gras Float. Then when we told my husband, he started telling us about his shoebox floats as a kid and Twitter friends shared their shoebox float ideas with me.

I guess these are a Nola tradition!

(Mine always came complete with Barbie doll queens.)

Because he’s studying Greek mythology, we had to make it themed for something they were studying and we chose Poseidon.

We had a great time helping him build his float and making his ideas a reality. I had to draw the line at making it remote controlled and with working lights.

(Oh, the minds of little boys!)

Happy Wordless Wednesday and
Thank you for linking up at Nola Mommy.

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  3. I remember my daughter having to make one too! Complete with the Barbie queen!

  4. This is really fun…Thanks a lot for this one…
    Janna recently posted..Article Writing Tools Review

  5. This is the first time I have heard of this information and this looks really awesome!
    Bhling recently posted..Suntec City

  6. This is so cute! They did a great job!
    Caroline Musacchia recently posted..Wordless Wednesday- Home Sweet Home

  7. The next Blaine Kern!
    Patrice P recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – In Bloom

  8. That is rad!!! Love it!!! One of these days I will be there for Carnival.
    Julie {Angry Julie Monday} recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Live Creatively

  9. What a cool school project! I love when teachers assign stuff like that to get the creative juices flowing. And what a great culminating way to tie in the Greek Mythology concepts taught. He did great!

    I can’t wait to show my girls this! They will think this is so cool!
    Run DMT recently posted..Love My Abs Challenge – Week 2

  10. That’s awesome! Looks great!
    I used to love making shoebox floats when I was a kid. :)
    Elizabeth recently posted..Rice Cereal

  11. That is awesome!


  12. Very Cool!
    Joyce recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Dog Cartoons

  13. Clever idea! I never saw that before. Happy Wordless Wednesday!
    Dave Keller recently posted..Photos for Sale – Prints and Licensed Downloads

  14. What a beautiful float from a creative young man! I’m kind of in agreement that the remote and lights would be awesome!
    Teresa recently posted..Kid Portraits

  15. wow!! beautiful detail that is an A+!
    momto8blog recently posted..Wordless Wednesday

  16. Wow. sparkles and all. What a creative kid ya got there. :) Happy WW!
    alicia recently posted..Be Still My Nature Lovin Heart…

  17. How creative!! looks good.. I like greek mythology too.
    Ai Sakura recently posted..Wordless Wednesday {linky party}: Danboard Mail Order Bride | Week 6

  18. Oh, that is so cool! I’ve never heard of a shoebox float before.
    Amy {babybabylemon} recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: A bit of yellow

  19. Aww. How fun.
    Sarah recently posted..Foodtography {WW #26}

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