February 21, 2018

LSU Cupcake Idea (Part Deaux)

A while back I shared a tie-dyed theme for LSU cupcakes. It involved dying the batter purple and gold and swirling to two together prior to baking. Here is another idea for really cute LSU themed cupcakes! I used a Wilton grass tip #233 to pipe the top of the cupcake with green icing. I used a standard butter cream recipe and added Wilton’s green gel food coloring. Before dying it green, I put a little white icing on the side to pipe the yard lines on the cupcakes. For the LSU on top I took white chocolate chips and melted them for 15 second intervals until they melted and placed the melted chocolate in a piping bag. Then I barely cut off a piece of the tip and piped the LSU out onto wax paper. Sprinkled them with purple and gold sprinkles before they dried. I free handed the LSU but if you wanted to you could write or print LSU on a sheet of paper and lay your wax paper on top. That way all you had to do was trace. Place them in fridge to cool and the pop right off the wax paper. For my game day cupcakes I am going to pipe some white chocolate LSU’s and some milk chocolate footballs with white chocolate laces. I’ll share some pics after the big game.



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  1. How cute!

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