February 21, 2018

Adventures in Little League

My son is playing 7-8 yearold football. It is our first year venturing into little league football. He has done baseball, golf, and swimming but never a full contact sport that requires an excessive amount of body protection. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge football fan. I love watching two teams battle it out on the field. It’s just that the guys on those fields don’t call me Mom! Well, after playing flag football at summer camp he begged to play tackle ball. So, I caved. I signed him up and went to our local sports store and got all the gear. There is a ton of gear when playing football. Luckily, we had a Tulane University left tackle take us step-by-step to make sure he had everything he needed. From the helmet, shoulder pads, mouth guard, helmet, practice jerseys, cleats, and the list went on, we made sure he was fitted out like a pro.  I don’t want to even think about the cost of it all. A few days later we had our first practice. My future LSU Tiger did great. He payed attention and really seemed to be enjoying himself. I was sitting on the sidelines meeting the new moms watching them run some practice drills. Then all of a sudden I look up and there is my son running to sideline with blood running down his face. The nurse in me ceases to exist and I go into pure nervous mommy mode. My first thought was, “Is he okay?” and my second was,  “I wonder if I can return all of this gear?” As we meet on the field I realize he’s not crying…wait…he’s smiling?!? I didn’t expect that! Well, his front tooth had been loose for a while and while practicing tackling it got bumped and knocked out. He was all excited that the pesky tooth came out and his teammates thought he was tough. The second issue was we had to find the tooth. We had flashlights out and found his tooth to present to the tooth fairy.

Today, I get to pick up his uniform and our parents shirts with his number and name on the back. I am looking forward to a fun and safe season. I am proud to be an official football mom!

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